Beginning as an OpenStack contributor

New year new beginnings..Happy new year everyone!. I am really happy to be a part of OpenStack community btw to make the article quick for you all, following are the things I learned as a beginner OpenStack contributor:

IRC: The most important to keep the conversation with team members going, I used to hang out a lot here. I personally used but there are a lot of other options available too!
Hang out to the channels you are interested in here and you know what their irc recordings can also be found out here so you have recordings of the days and channels you are interested in :D. 
The community is very warm everyone there is very helpful so not shy and start the ping.

DevStack: Depending upon your contribution type, but its always good to get acquainted with the know-how of a project. Extremely suggested getting this set up for code contributors.
Can find out more about it here.

Gerrit: Is the code review and repository management system for git VCS and is primarily used by the OpenStack community.We make reviews here at OpenStack with the help of Gerrit so it is important for you to have its working knowledge as all the work has been done by this.
There is also a sandbox for the beginners or newcomers to help them get started  with gerrit.
You can learn about setting it up here.  
Some tools that can be useful as a beginner:

Paste: For all your error logs or code you want to show to your reviewer start using Pastebin, or similar applications.

Trello: My team Keystone had its own board at trello to keep track of the things going on, todo and done.
I myself took the track of things by maintaining checklists there :D.

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