Dealing with multiple branches

On my interaction with my mentor one day I had a question about dealing with new commits that we make. Is that we need to create a new branch everytime? or wait for our review to get merged and then work again? wait what if we had hundreds of changes to be commited?
Is it still that we have to create a new branch everytime and remember those creepy names >_<.

So the answer was git-ready!
Two people fluent withh git-ready and git-review can easily work on a patch without being stopped by each other's change.
git-ready can be cloned or downloaded here.

From the Python Package Index (PyPi):

        $ pip install git-ready

Once git-ready is installed in a summary we can do:

        $ git ready

Then if we need to make any changes we just do:

       $ make my changes
       $ git commit -a
       $ git review

If we need to make our changes, we just do:

      $ git review -d <change_number>
      $ make my changes
      $ git commit -a --amend
      $ git review

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